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Who We Are and What We Do

We are the
League of Women Voters
of Cupertino & Sunnyvale California


  • We are a grassroots, nonpartisan organization
    • We never support or oppose individual political parties or candidates
  • We provide fact-checked, educational forums and materials
  • Our membership is open to all people 16 and over, of any gender 
  • Our primary focus is the needs of the cities of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, CA but we work with other Leagues locally and nationally
  • Through our advocacy organization, we:

    • study issues,
    • create policies, and
    • take action on those issues on which we have established a policy

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The League of Women Voters
of Cupertino and Sunnyvale


 We envision a democracy where every person has
the desire, the right, the knowledge
and the confidence
to participate.  

 The VOTE411 voter guide provides in-depth, non-partisan, information about what's on your ballot. 

Click on the VOTE411 icon below, and at the Personalized Voting Information section, enter your address to get a personalized list of candidates and measures on your ballot.

A product of the National League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF), has served tens of millions of voters and won multiple national awards over the last fifteen-plus years. It is a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information across the USA — a “one-stop shop” for everything about elections, whether local, state, or federal.

The California League has made the decision, starting with the 2024 election, to join VOTE411, replacing the California-only site. More info will be coming over the months ahead.


Get League News Direct to You


The VOTER is the-newsletter of the LWVCS - he League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale

  • published ten times a year, early in the month
  • with articles and information related to voting, elections, and public issues
  • of interest to both members and non-members  

The EBlast, is our quick update

  • sent mid-month
  • with information about upcoming events of interest
    • including those presented by LWVCS, other Leagues, and other organizations.. 

Anyone can request to receive the VOTER and EBlast.
Just click the button below:

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Privacy Note: We never sell our mailing list, and do not purchase lists from others.

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As part of its Privacy Policy the League of Women Voters of Cupertino-Sunnyvale California
 does not buy or sell personal information to third parties.

LWV Cupertino-Sunnyvale (LWVCS)
PO Box 2923
Sunnyvale, CA 94087