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We Meet:

 Monthly, mostly on the last Thursday of the month, 3:00 to 4:15 PM

Please note: Our meetings are not consistently scheduled, and also,
 meetings can get rescheduled - always check the  Calendar!

Our Purpose is:

We provide the care and feeding of the technology and computer systems that support our League's online and backstage functions, including the ClubExpress association management system.


Our Work Items


We maintain the LWVCS’s ClubExpress system and other technology,  in support of the work of our League, including:

  • Communications/media functions, such as:
    • Maintaining the LWVCS. org website, including creating and updating:
      • All website custom web pages
      • Events on our Calendar
      • Online graphics and photos libraries
      • The Members-Only section
    • Emailing, including distribution lists, formatting, and sending of the
      • VOTER and E-Blast newsletters
      • Other informational Emails
  • Membership online functions such as:
    • The Membership roster
    • Member renewal and new member signup
    • Member and Non-Member databases, (not including accounting)
    • Maintaining the Committees and Interests modules
    • Maintaining the Volunteering Opportunities module

  • Treasurer and Resources functions, such as:
    • Online processing of dues and paid event registration transactions
    • Online donations processing
  • Voter Service  and other Committee Support, including:
    • Maintaining our website’s custom pages for Voting and Elections information

  • General cross-organization items, such as
    • ClubExpress backstage, including all control tables, fields, and lists
    • UserTraining – both classes and online help to assist our members and leadership in using our systems
    • Other Technical Support (e.g. for hardware, Internet Domain, Google Drive, online conferencing, social media, etc.)

Our Work Items are done by volunteers, (individually or in groups) who make things happen.
Lots of assistance, documentation, and training are readily available to help!

We're Currently 

Working On:

In 2023-24 our plans include:

Committee Contacts:

If you are interested in  helping with our work, contact our Chair:


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 does not buy or sell personal information to third parties.

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