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Election 2024 – Get Involved!

Serve as an Election Volunteer

Help get Ballots to the Registrar of Voters (ROV) 

LWVCS Members and Friends
 – Help our Democracy work while supporting our League!


ROV Election Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks related to the election process, and are paid a stipend by Santa Clara County to do so.

When you designate LWVCS to receive your stipend payment you also help to financially support our local League of Women Voters in Cupertino and Sunnyvale.

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Sign up before July 31! 

.(Note: if you need to update your sign-up, email
Go To ROV ELVS page

What Will Volunteers Do?


LWVCS Volunteers will work during the busy last four days of the election (Sat. 11/2-Tue. 11/5)  as Couriers and Supplies Coordinators, supporting ELVS – the Election Logistics Voting Systems organization of the ROV.


  • Couriers will drive as 2-person teams to either:
  • Deliver election supplies to Vote Centers as needed,
  • or, at specified times, pick up filled ballot bags and convey them to the ROV for counting, from either:
  •  a Vote-by-Mail Drop Box Vote Center
  • or a Vote Center

  • Coordinators will work shift(s) at one of the ROV Logistics and Supply Centers (LaSC) to coordinate Couriers’ deliveries of election supplies to Vote Centers. 



When are Volunteers Needed?

The time slots for volunteering are:


Sat 11/2

Sun 11/3

Mon 11/4

Tue 11/5

Courier for a DROP BOX

11 AM

11 AM

1 PM

1 PM or 8 PM

Courier for a VOTE CENTER

5 PM

5 PM

5 PM

8 PM

Courier for the Logistics & Supply Center (LaSC)

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 7 PM

Coordinator at the Logistics & Supply Center (LaSC)

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 5 PM

8 AM to 7 PM

Note: There will be lunch breaks and short breaks as needed, throughout the shift.
PLUS: Every volunteer must attend an in-person training session
(less than an hour long)
   Multiple training sessions will be available in the weeks before the election.

Who Can Volunteer?

LWVCS election volunteers must:

  • 1. Be a Member of LWVCS, or their friends or family
  • 2. Be either:
  • U.S. citizen who is either
    • Age 16 or 17
    • or Age 18 or over and registered to vote in California

  • Or legal permanent resident age 16 or over

  • 3.Attend a required training session prior to working
  • Note: multiple sessions, less than an hour long, will be available at the ROV office

  •  4.Be able to lift 30 lbs. (as part of a 2-person team)

  • 5.If you’re a Courier Driver, have:
  • A valid Driver's license
  • Your own vehicle
  • Current automobile insurance

How Do I  Volunteer?

To volunteer, click on the link below and respond to the LWVCS Volunteer Opportunity Election Nov. 2024 form.

An LWVCS volunteer will contact you.

Sign up before July 31! 

Sign Up HERE    

If you need to revise your sign-up,
or have questions or any problems with the form,
please send an email to


Want to support LWVCS, but can't Volunteer?

Donations are always welcome!


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